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MSU staff with expertise in various aspects of forage and grazing management.

MSU, Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences

MSU, Animal Science

MSU Extension

  • Dean Baas, Senior Research Associate (cover crops)
  • Christina Curell, Water Quality Educator (cover crops)
  • Kevin Gould, Beef Cattle Educator (forages for beef cattle)
  • Paul Gross, Bioproducts and Bioenergy Educator (cover crops)
  • Tom Guthrie, Equine Educator (forages for horses)
  • Jim Isleib, Crop Production Educator (forage management)
  • Monica Jean, Crop Production Educator (forage management)
  • Phil Kaatz, Forage Educator (forage management)
  • Mike Metzger, Small Ruminant Educator (forages for sheep and goats)
  • Kable Thurlow, Beef Cattle Educator (forages for beef cattle)
  • Frank Wardynski, Ruminant Animal Educator (forages for dairy and beef cattle)

Kellogg Biological Station

  • Misty Klotz, Outreach Coordinator, KBS Grazing Dairy, Hickory Corners