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Annual brassica-oat mixture for finishing beef cattle

Annual brassica-oat mixture for finishing beef cattle

The MSU Forage Research Program focuses on use of forage crops to improve sustainability and resilience of Michigan agriculture.  Resilience is the ability of a system to recover from stressful events like drought, heat, cold, soil degradation, or economic upsets.  The program is funded through federal and state grant programs, industry support, and service fees.

Ongoing Projects


Completed Projects

  • Management Practices to Optimize Roundup-Ready Alfalfa Yields
  • Methods for Adding Grasses to Roundup-Ready Alfalfa
  • Potassium Fertility for Alfalfa
  • Managing Grass-Legume Mixtures
  • Nitrogen Fertilization for Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures
  • Wheat/Rye Mixtures for Early Spring Forage
  • Yellow flower alfalfa
  • Forages for Biofuel